Our goal is to SAVE you money, HELP navigate you through what’s traditionally a complex process and FACILITATE your every need in one single packaged service.

Some of our services include:

  • Buying and Selling (selling a property and purchasing a property)

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Campaigns for REALTORS     & BROKERS 

  • Financing (Mortgages and secondary financing options)

  • Education - Investing, JV Agreements, New Build Constructions, Landlords & Tenant Agreements and etc.

  • Closing (Finalizing the necessary legal documents for your transaction)

  • Moving (Physical Moves)

  • Staging (For Sellers to improve the aesthetics of their home)

  • Renovations (Upgrades, repairs, general home improvements)

  • Home & Garden (Property maintenance and landscaping)

  • Design, Build Quote (Custom home builds with Tarion Warranty)

  • Legal - Bi-Laws, Permits & etc.

  • Legal - Lawyers and Closings