real time global mobile networking

iAGENTPRO Inc. incorporates iAGENTPRO.NET's REAL TIME GLOBAL MOBILE NETWORKING platform. This digital platform allows the user to create location specific websites and online services in accordance with their geographical location. With an infinite amount of projects and possibilities, keeping the environment uniform with iAGENTPRO.NET is simple by adhering all of its users on a global map, yet being infinitely flexible at the same time. Our global bulletin boards are placed directly on a map, allowing end-to-end instant messaging between the “creator” and any other users on the platform. iAGENTPRO.NET allows users to post ads directly on a global map and the built-in messenger app allows users to communicate directly. You are not required to share your personal information, to register only an email address is required. Categories include: Properties for Sale, Properties for Lease/Rent, Rideshare & Transport, Social & Events, Buy & Sell (Marketplace), Business & Services, Jobs & Employment, Travel & Tourism, Accidents, Crime & Emergencies, Lost & Found and Gifts & Donations. We've tried to narrow down the topics to the most popular and widely used, however anything is possible.